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  • “Vocalist Linda Baker, A native New Yorker on (Walking on Air) provides a well-done collection of tunes with clever storylines from Dave Frishberg, Lew Spence and Bob Dorough along with more conventional standards from Harburg, Lane, Ellington and others (five selections from each category.)
  • “Baker is backed by a top-notch Jazz quintet featuring pianist D ‘Angelo and reed player Oatts, who provides excellent alto solos on Devil May Care and What’s Your Name?” 
  • “ . . . here is simply (Baker) throwing her best stuff at us.” 
  • “Vocally, Baker carries a tune well, with a delicate and pleasant voice.”
  • “ . . . this is a nice CD for what appears from the album notes to be Baker’s first or nearly first recording effort.”



Phosphorescence Magazine

Jazz singer Linda Baker released Walking On Air in 2009. This engaging New York City artist possesses a voice and style that belong to another era, when jazz was about real singers, real instruments, and real songs. Songs such as the up-tempo, smart, and savvy "What Is There To Say?" and "Let's Eat Home," in which Baker projects a relaxed, authentic air, that blends effortlessly with the music. In fact, Baker's sound throughout could be described in the same way as a river stone - smooth, polished, and natural. Prime examples of this are shown on the clear and charming "A Woman's Prerogative," and "Devil May Care," where Baker's voice mimics the high and low tones of the instruments. Speaking of instruments, fresh and outstanding arrangements by Michael Abene are brought to life by first-rate jazz players: Gerard D'Angelo on piano, Mike Richmond on bass, Victor Lewis on drums, Dick Oatts on reeds, and Samuel Torres on percussion.
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- Lily Emeralde and Emma Dyllan
Phosphorescence Magazine


Jersey Jazz

December 2009

Walking on Air (Ipsilon Music – 1) is a debut album from vocalist LINDA BAKER.  Baker has been singing around New York City for some time, and has wisely taken the plunge as a recording artist.  She has a dusky voice, with some hints of Jeri Southern sneaking in, but very much has a sound of her own.  It is one that quickly grabs your attention in a pleasant way.  She has great taste in songs as a lineup that includes “Let’s Eat Home,” “A Woman’s Prerogative,” “We’ll Be Together Again,” “Devil May Care,” “What Is There to Say,” “If You Could See Me Now,” “What’s Your Name,” “His Eyes, Her Eyes,” “Do You Miss New York,” and “Day Dream” will attest.  These are all hip tunes that will be familiar to those who are song people, except perhaps for “What’s Your Name.”  This is a dandy ditty from Lew Spence that has only appeared previously on a privately circulated collection of Spence’s songs.  With this airing, it should become a welcome new addition to the repertoire of many more singers.  Baker has also chosen well in her supporting group with Gerald D’Angelo on piano, Mike Richmond on bass, Victor Lewis on drums, Dick Oatts on reeds and Samuel Torres on percussion.  Linda Baker has done herself proud with her initial album, and should get right back into the studio and make a follow up disc.  ( 

Joe Lang



December 17, 2009

LINDA BAKER/Walking on Air: A lot of reasons lurk why this feels like such a sophisticated date. Baker is one of those New York ladies that just oozes sex appeal and smarts. And if you think you know her voice from somewhere, it’s because she was the voice of Moet champagne. With Michael Abene doing the charts on classics that are off the beaten diva path, it’s New York sophistication all the way. This is the kind of set that can drag you kicking and screaming into feeling like a grown up but will kick your ass in the end. And you won’t be feeling like some bullshit, jive ass stockbroker grown up that seems to have escaped from a “Law & Order” episode. Hot staff throughout, and not just for jazz vocal fans.

December 17, 2009
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