Inspired by a chance meeting with the great jazz singer Johnny Hartman, Linda Baker began running over to the Brill Building, where puppeteer Shari Lewis' "Uncle Herb" of The Music Exchange would dig through shelves of rarely performed sheet music, giving her whatever obscure songs from the 1930's and 40's he could find.

She joined Cobi Narita's "Universal Jazz Coalition" and "Voices Inc." where she mounted several of her own concerts, performing with veteran jazz musicians at Cobi's Lafayette Street jazz loft. During those years, Linda spent most Saturday afternoons at Ann Ruckert's with a small group of vocalists who taught each other solfege. Ann sent her out to audition for her first commercial jingle, and soon Linda's voice was heard on TV and radio singing "Moet Makes it Paris".

Baker sang numerous gigs in jazz venues around New York City and participated in several workshops with jazz great Tierney Sutton. For three years she studied with singer Ann Marie Moss and briefly with Jackie Paris. Most recently she has been studying with acclaimed singer and voice teacher Juliana Janes-Yaffe', whom Linda first met while attending the Musical Theatre Program at New York University, and Carol Fredette, vocal jazz coach extraordinaire.

The current album, Walking On Air, is a synthesis of all of these experiences, shaped and documented by Linda's team of collaborators, conductor/producer John Yaffe' and recording engineer Patrick Lo Re.